This is @rahascoff (on IG) a very cool guy I met in TimesSquare yesterday night.

I was on my home when he approached for photos, he is going to be here for a week and came tonight, the coldest night with a Black denim jacket and just a t-shirt 😳

I said ok let’s do this and gave him the best experience he’s had in NYC.

But unfortunately he lost his phone, I immediately told TSQ security and went to each location we shot. He was so saddened I mean I would’ve been too loosing your phone is not something light. We searched and searched and he gave up and said ok, let’s just finish. I asked him to check himself maybe it’s in the bag?

He obviously had checked before but this time he said let me check again carefully I was frantically searching at first. And boom! He switched hats during the shoot & that’s when he put the phone in and the other hat swallowed it lol. I was so happy he found it! We laughed and finished the shoot, here are the shots!

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